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Tuesday, September 09, 2003


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Posted at 12:42 pm by evencito
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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
A Couple's Squable

Instigator - Anthony

nadine did anyone see that big ole fight on the main tagboard? it got kinda vicious.

delane nadine.... wut fight???
nadine go read the tag board!!! before it's erased!!
nadine it was between nautilus and fairygirl21
delane r u serious???? what about?!?!?
nadine ummm...disney movies and the "supposed" sexual innuendo in them.
delane oh .. thats such crap..... i like disney movies.. they rock1
Anthony ain't it though?
nadine Hello, Anthony. Welcome to my world...won't you come on in...
Anthony *responds from the couch* already did. made myself at home too
nadine well!! go get a beer, you know where they are!! don't hog the remote, though!
Anthony *gets up with remote tucked in underwear* i'll get a beer, want one?
nadine my, my, anthony, aren't we the pacifist?
Anthony is that a yes or no? *scratches butt*
nadine Just a Bud Light for me, thanks. with a vodka chaser.
Anthony *smells fingers* is that it?
nadine yeah, and some disinfectant and odor neutralizer for you, apparently. *sniffs delicately*
Anthony ok. *walks to the fridge, belching**grabs a beer and a paper towel. goes back to the couch and starts to drink beer*
nadine *screeching* Don't touch the hors d'ouvres!!! They're for company!!
Anthony here you go *hands you a paper towel* 
ooo, hors d'ouvres
nadine not the quiche. you can have anything but the quiche!!! and MY beer? *insert feminine disapproval HERE*
Anthony what beer? you want a beer? there's some in the fridge. *stays away from the quiche. can't stand it*
nadine Why don't we ever go out anymore!?!?
Anthony that's why, you're always complaining. whine whine whine

nadine I'm going home to Mother!!! See how you fare ALL BY YOURSELF!! *flounces away w/ an injured air*
Anthony yeah whatever you go running back to your mama. *stands up* you'll be back tomorrow
nadine Back? For what? Cooking? Cleaning? Think again, buster!
Anthony *follows you* aww honey, come on. don't be like this. you know i care. come on
nadine Where am I going? This is MY house!!! Don't 'aww, honey' me!!! Work my fingers to the BONE and for what?? *sob* To be your slave, that's what! I could've gone to Juliard... *moaning wail*
Anthony honey, please don't wail, er cry. you can still go to Juliard. you're not that old
nadine WHO SAID I WAS OLD????  Ohh, gawd..!
Anthony No no, i didn't say it like that. you're not old.
nadine You think I'm old!!! Well, if you compare me to that little jailbait I see you flirting with, then yeah, I'm old. Not everyone can be 16 forever.
Anthony now you just wait a minute. i never flirted with a 16 yearold.
nadine I SAW you!! Down at the Piggly Wiggly last Tuesday!! Don't even try to deny it!!!! *building up to a demonic rage*
Anthony but baby (trying to console you) that wasn't me
nadine what the hell ever!! I'd know that beer gut anywhere. And Mabel said that she's seen you two down on 4th, giggling like mad. Is that what you want? Huh? Is it?
Anthony *stands up in surprise* beer gut? *tries hard to think what you are talking about* wait a minute, you mean Miss Hinnings daughter? oh honey. i wouldn't do anything with that little money grubber. i thought you were talking about Mr. Jones' daughter Lacey.
nadine AAAAAGGHH!!! My heart can't take this, you bastard. You KNOW I have a condition!!  You, gallivanting all over town with these trollops. Oh, yes, I know about all of them. Even that little chippy at Sonic...
Anthony *taking a hold* now honey calm down, have a seat. it's not as bad as you think it is.
nadine Not as bad?? When Rev. Felcher comes to me and asks me how our marriage is doing--at the Safeway, mind you--then I think it's pretty darn bad, mister.

Anthony what is that old coocoo trying to do gettin all up in our business
nadine He's concerned, Anthony. You remember that, don't you? Being concerned about me, my day, my desires, my mind...?
Anthony oh is that what this is all about? you want to go off with the Reverand? *gets up in discust*
nadine No, honey, that's not what I'm saying. Don't be rash... He just wants to make sure we're the best God-fearing couple we can be.
Anthony oh is that so? do you know about him and his mistresses?? he just want's to make you another one of them. how God fearing is that?
nadine *gasp* Not Rev. Felcher!! Not a man of the cloth! You don't know what you're talkng about. I won't believe it!!
Anthony go ask your gossip friends. that's all they're good for.
nadine Don't you dare turn this around on me. You're always doing that! Pointing out my flaws! *sob* What happened to us, Snuggles?
Anthony pointing out your flaws?? i goto work everyday to give you this house, food, and the clothes you wear. I work hard to give you those things. I'm sorry that i'm too tired to do anything after i get home from work. i didn't realize you didn't want all these things.
nadine Oh, but I do. *smile through the tears* It's a wonderful life, PoohBear, what with the double wide and the astroturf lawn that you convinced me would be easier than me mowing. But sometimes, don't you miss watching the sunset together? *sighs wistfully* Snuggling all Sunday afternoon?
Anthony did i say that? heh, i did, didn't I?
nadine And it was a wonderful idea! Now I have time to fix the fence and shop around for your "special" pants.
Anthony *sits back down, putting an arm around you* we can still do that. we can watch the sun rise tomorrow morning if you want. hey, don't talk about my special pants
nadine But, just once in a while, I want you to parade me around town, like when we were courting. You - You're not ashamed of me, are you?
Anthony *stumbles over a few words before saying* no of course not.
nadine *smiles sweetly, if a bit blindly* I knew it! Ther's still hope for us, isn't there, Snuggles? From now on, it'll be better. Just you and me, right? Just you. And. Me. Forever. 'Til eternity.

Anthony uh. yeah. for...ever. yeah
nadine Oh, I'm so glad. We don't need anyone but ourselves. No more you talking to those little cheerleader types, no more me going to Rev. Felcher's house at all hours of the night. Just like newlyweds!
Anthony wait. you went to Rev. Felcher's at night??
nadine Just for some late-night "counseling&quo t;. You wouldn't know it, but he has a wicked tongue. But don't let's talk about that. Let's focus on our new life together, Pookie.
Anthony what do you mean "a wicked tongue"? what has he been doing to you with that tongue?
nadine Just "counseling&quo t;. Oh, look at you. You're getting into a huff over nothing, PumpkinBear. You'll upset yourself.
nadine *bats eyelashes*
Anthony are you sure you didn't do anything with him??
nadine *smiles sweetly, if a bit blindly* I knew it! Ther's still hope for us, isn't there, Snuggles? From now on, it'll be better. Just you and me, right? Just you. And. Me. Forever. 'Til eternity.

Anthony uh. yeah. for...ever. yeah
nadine Oh, I'm so glad. We don't need anyone but ourselves. No more you talking to those little cheerleader types, no more me going to Rev. Felcher's house at all hours of the night. Just like newlyweds!
Anthony wait. you went to Rev. Felcher's at night??
nadine Just for some late-night "counseling&quo t;. You wouldn't know it, but he has a wicked tongue. But don't let's talk about that. Let's focus on our new life together, Pookie.
Anthony what do you mean "a wicked tongue"? what has he been doing to you with that tongue?
nadine Just "counseling&quo t;. Oh, look at you. You're getting into a huff over nothing, PumpkinBear. You'll upset yourself.
nadine *bats eyelashes*
Anthony are you sure you didn't do anything with him??
nadine Honey, honestly. I didn't do any more with him than you did with Old Lady Hinnigan's daughter, or Lacey. Just harmless flirting, right?

Anthony well, i guess i can forgive you. i mean, it's not like you stayed the night over in his bed or anything. right?
nadine Oh...  Of course there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that, Schmoopie.
Anthony you what??
nadine Well, rmrmber that night you went on business to - where was it, oh yeah. Zimbabwe? Well, I went over there for the quilting bee meeting. Well, all the other ladies left, but he and I were in this heated debate over the evils of Diet vs. regular cola. You kow how I feel about that!
Anthony yes go on *trying to maintain composure*
nadine Anyways, a storm blew through and he thought it best if I didn't drive in that weather, what with all the Raspberry Rum Zingers we drank. He gallantly offered me his bed and, well, I couldn't very well make him sleep on the floor, could I?
Anthony what about the others? where did they sleep?
nadine Oddly enough, when we woke up the next morning, I felt a little sore, but thought nothing of it. After all, I don't drink that often so I thought it was a side effect. *giggles madly, nervously* Oh, honey, they left. Rev. Felcher didn't give them any Raspberry Rum Zingers. He saves that for his favorite members of the congregation, I suppose. See? Nothing to worry about. Totally harmless, my little LoveMoppet.
his favorites i bet *gets up and opens the closet* where is my shotgun?
nadine Dear, really. It was nothing! **flutters eyelashes* Oh, you're so sexy when you're all protective and overbearing.
Anthony *finds shotgun. starts loading it with ammo* i'm going to go over to "the honorable Reverand Felcher's house and have a discussion with him>
nadine Oh, honey, do try to calm down. It was an accident. *under my breath* Oops!
Anthony *turning quickly* what do you mean "it was an accident?"
nadine ummm... *starts wheezing unconvincingly* Where are my pills?? I feel an episode coming on. Could you get them, dear?
Anthony *cocks the shotgun* don't start with me Nadine. what do you mean an accident??
nadine I'm alone all the time!! I'm lonely!! You're always off on "business" and when you come home all your clothes smell like my sister's perfume...*gasp* No!!!
Anthony oh quit trying to change the subject. your sister is a cow and you know it
nadine Then what's the lipstick on your inseam all about, huh? The late nights at work? You leave for work and all of a sudden my sister is unavailable the rest of the day. What about your boss confusing her for me at the annual picnic?? Huh? And don't tell me we look alike!
nadine Are you calling me a cow too?!?!?!?!?!
Anthony what are you talking about *grabs a shirt* where i don't see i any *notices a shirt stuffed under the matress* what's this? *pulls out shirt* this isn't mine! it has lipstick on it. it looks like your shade. who's shirt is it??
nadine I'm doing some hemming for...my father. Yeah.
Anthony for your father?? honey, you know i love you, but how stupid do you think i am. your poor father has been dead for two years now. i bet he's turning over in his grave right now!
nadine I said you inseam. Of your pants, Mister Man?
Anthony oh that. that was from your cow of a sister
nadine *shrieking* I KNEW IT!!!!!
Anthony what? she needed to wipe off her lipstick before your brother-in-law got home. my pants were already off
nadine Oh, gawd! What have I done to deserve this, Lord?
Anthony to deserve what?? all i said was that my pants were already off before she put her lips on it
nadine You had your pants off in front of Millie! You KNOW she's just starting to make some headway in her Sexaholics Anonymous sessions. You can't tempt her like that. She's a man-eater, Anthony. A man-eater! My sister, of all people. I must go to Rev. Felcher. He might be able to console me. *applies lipstick* *fluffs hair*
Anthony what does wiping her lips on my pants have to do with her being a man eater?
nadine *spritzes perfume between legs* Think about it, Anthony. You'll just be another in a long line. But if that's what you want...
Anthony you ought to wash there first
nadine Oh, no, you didn't! I thought we were above that, Anthony. The childish name-calling.
Anthony *comes closer* yes i did. *grabs you and guides you to the bed. then proceeds to give you the best 'rodgering' you ever had in the relationship* [sorry, couldn't resist]

----ACT 2-----

Anthony morning honey
nadine Oh, honey, last night was the best night of my life.
Anthony you'll never need old Rev Felcher anymore, now will you?
nadine You were so wild, untamed, masterful...  *shivers pleasantly* Oh, CuddleBumps, I never need anyone but you...
Anthony don't forget energetic. i bet the old rev couldn't do that five times like i did!
nadine I told you. There was nothing with the Reverend...*mumbles* that I can remember.
Anthony whatever. why don't you get up and make me breakfast

nadine Oh...so just like that, huh? What about the sunset? Cuddling all day? *sigh* How did you want your eggs?
Anthony that comes later. you know how i like my eggs
nadine Yeah, I know. Benedict. Can we share a plate this time, honey? Won't it be sooo romantic?
Anthony fine. whatever
nadine Aww. No one else is as good to me as you, my HornyToad.
Anthony you better get cooking before i'm not hungry anymore.

-------the end------

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Friday, September 12, 2003

Instigator -  Tiger_Goddess
Assisting Instigator - Mivida
Assisting Instigator - Chloe
Reformated - Anthony

Hannah monkeys
Tiger_Goddess monkeys? I like banannas. banannas are nice, anyone have a bananna I could borrow?
mivida hey kids!
Tiger_Goddess anyone? Hannah, you know you're holding out... hello Mivida! Who you calling a kid?!  I was just trying to get a bananna, but eveidentaly ti takes an act of god around here! someone mentionned monkeys, and it got me all excited, and now bananna girl has left...just wonderful!
Sarah bo hey im new here =)
mivida ........  i love you tiger!  ahah
Tiger_Goddess Sarah, could you pass me one of those banannas?  Mivida, loving me will come with a surcharge of twenty bucks per hour
Sarah bo me sarah? here u go =) *hehe*
Tiger_Goddess No, I like them longer hon, not so soft either, they just don;t fill me up the same like that  Such a kind girl though, thank you Sarah
Sarah bo haha
Tiger_Goddess Mivida hon, do we have an arrangement, or are my prices too steep?
mivida sorry! i was on the phone  i thought our love could be reciprocal.  i love you, you love me. one big happy loving blogdriver blogger.
Ishie lol im baq do u love me mivida  i wanna feel loved..
Tiger_Goddess no, no, doesn't work that way, I'll give you a first timer discount  I'm still tryign to get someone to let me borrow a proper bananna
Ishie lol thats the funniest do u want a banana tiger?lol i aint got one
mivida blah. no. my love for you is unending! dont let it become like this tiger! I LOVE YOU!!Tiger_Goddess Yes, very much, i'd be willing to make a trade, decent bananna for services renderred mivida Ok!  http://www.barnard.columbia.edu/health/images/bana na.gif there is your banana!  i love you! so i get you things.  hey nauty!
Tiger_Goddess Awww, so sorry Mivida, your banana's a little lacking in the qualities I need The color looks a little off too
mivida ....  i hate you and your sexual incognito prhases. DAMN YOU.
Tiger_Goddess Aww come on, you know you don't hate me, but I must admit,t hat angst is good for your banana, it'll help it to ripen
Jack yo Tiger, seriously, how ya doing?
Tiger_Goddess Jack! just the MAN i was looking for! You've got just the banana I want...  See, there was this girl, going on about monkey, and I couldn't help my primal urges, i just NEEDED a bananna, but all the ones around here are real softies
Jack When it comes to the ladies, I am a giver.
Tiger_Goddess Well, then start peeling hon
Jack Some juan is feeling a little randy. what will the bf say?
Tiger_Goddess Heheh Jacky, we save the best for last around here at blogdrive
Tiger_Goddess Ooooh Hannah, why must you excite me so?!  now Jack, as Mivida and I discussed, there's a surcharge for things like that...so don't let you and your wicked mind wander too far...
Jack Sorry I meant mivida, but no need for my mind to wander. I was just checking out your picture with my x-ray glass ..... yum.
Tiger_Goddess yes, well, I'm jailbait hon, but prison can be worth some things...such as an adequate banana
Hannah not nice
Tiger_Goddess Hey Hannah girl, i believe YOU started this, so don't be throwing punches!
Hannah started with monkeys? monkeys are FUN! : )
Tiger_Goddess SICKO! Monkeys are not fun! ...bananas are fun
Jack After that photo I'm ready to go. And baby, adequate is an under statement. Did I ever tell you that I'm a male super model?
Tiger_Goddess Yes yes, several times; that doesn't get you any closer to a Goddess though, save the ripe banana
Hannah bananas are fun to draw on  or mash between your fingers
Chloe hiya guys!!
Tiger_Goddess Banana's are not toys! *is apauled* They are meant sheerly for daily fulfillment of...er..necessary requirements
Chloe bya guys!
Tiger_Goddess Right Jacko? Back me up here
Hannah then ill give mine to someone more deserving. i dont really like bananas, so ill share the wealth : )
Jack Tiger Im picking up some pent up frustrations. Care for a massage with a happy ending?
Hannah is that better?
Tiger_Goddess Only if it involves me you, and your unpeeled banana
Jack I promise a banana will be involved.
Jack Juan banana coming up.
Tiger_Goddess Sounds like a date then!  I should warn though, I'm a little rough, not too many bananas can swing from my trees and stay in the air
Jack Great just post your number in the tag board .... don't worry no juan else will see it.
Tiger_Goddess 867-5309
Jack nice area code
Hannah lol nice number
Tiger_Goddess See, Hannah's got me, she knows my game  Well must go though, I've got a better banana waiting for me at home, nice and ripe, and long, and good coloring
Helpee Hey now
Jack you work it babe.

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Instigator - Anthony

Anthony ok, i'm alone now . . .

Randumb one Not quite....
Anthony now that i have the stage to myself, i'd like to discuss with you, the invisible people, my views of the process of mastication it's very dirty  it has a whole lotta intercourse going on. and as time goes by, it only get messier.  oh and alot of times, mastication involves the use of one's own hands. and in some other cases, it can involve other people's hands.  like i said before, it's very dirty. what with all the intercourse and hand use
now some people like to be different, or are forced to masticate differently. i know people who do it with a straw  not one of those small straws you get at almost any food place. i'm talking about those straws where the hole is like half an inch wide.  but anyway, back to my views on mastication.
Anthony it's a very dirty practice but it is very important.  did someone beat me to this discussion already, nadine?
Randumb one Erm..... erm..... hmmmmmmm.....
nadine Just helping out your discussion with some props.  http://www.yambiguity.com/mastication/
Anthony ah ok, cool. check out that site. because MASTICATION is normal  now, one could easily confuse this process for yet another messy process that usually involves one's hands.  we like to call this, waxing the old monkey  or, digging for gold for those of us who are 'equipped' differently  but back to mastication. as i said, and will continue to say, the is very messy
nadine http://blather.newdream.net/m/mastication.html
Anthony now, my opinions on mastication follows: first, mastication should not be easily seen. it doesn't have to be done in private, i masticate all the time in public. i just don't draw attention to it
nadine Just showing off my 'googling' abilities.
Anthony ah yes, thank you nadine. see, my lovely assistant has awakened me to yet another idea. masticating while googling  i believe everyone here has done so before. in more ways than one, i might add  many americans day in day out, masticate in front of the computer. they so while they chat with other people online also. one would say that this is a disturbing trend to 15 years ago when mastication  mastication on the internet was almost unheard of  now we masticate online. alot of times, we masticate at the same time as the other people we are talking too. we no longer have to be in a position where masticating while communicating with others
nadine I'm masticating right now *smiles*
Anthony others would be an inconvenience. quite frankly, masticating in front of someone while communicating is very embarrassing and disgusting  [you know, i think i need to end this because i'm afraid that someone will jump in and say the wrong thing]  to come to my point, use manners when masticating in public. when you are in private, masticate however you please, just clean up after yourself. no one wants to sit in an area where someone's  someone's mastication juices are all over the place.  safe mastication is clean mastication
oh, one more thing, don't masticate in the bathroom... it's just not right

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Monday, September 15, 2003
Mivida Gets Caught in the ChatConfess Trap

Instigator - Anthony
Instigator - Mivida

Anthony ooo, i've been to too many blogs....

Dee I'm also an Aussie so when i type Theatre its because thats how i got brought up too spell it not because i'm British or a snob lol. come ta think of it i dunno too many aussie snobs cept maybe my mum
Anthony you see, you are of brit decent

Dee lol yup yup maybe your just going to the same blog and thinking ya have seen others lol no i'm not , i'm german-italian decent LOL
mivida ja!
i can speak german! but i have no clue how to type it out.
Dee lol @ ja thats dutch for yes or for laughter ja ja ja= hahaha in dutch
mivida nien. it's duetch too.

Anthony grrr, ok, but you were raised around people with brit influence. there.
Dee i can speka german and type it but i have umlaut problems on this keyboard n pc
mivida lol. i took a year of oral german. wow.. that sounded wrong.
Anthony yes it did mivida
Dee lol mividia hope you enjoyed it  besides germans are great oraters... common knowledge lmao

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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Spring Cleaning

((Hey everyone, there's mroe to this convo, i just don't have the other half, perhso you can persuad...oh say....ANTHHONY??? To post the rest...))

Instigator: Anthony Instigator: Tiger Featuring: Helpee
Also Appearing: Dolly

Helpee Tiger is great too...even if her pictures leave me wanting more.
Tiger_Goddess lol, really now Helpee, tell me more...*grabs pen and pad* lol for the last time I DO NOT NEED TOYS to PLAY with MYSELF!!!!!!!
Anthony *piss Helpee, be carefull what you say. she's jail bait . . .*
Helpee oooh, sorry. I didn't know. So lets see more of those stuffed toys and stuff
Tiger_Goddess ....
Anthony hasn't mr futuretigergod left for school?
Tiger_Goddess lol, yes Anthony at 3:30 he had
Helpee Age Tiger?
Tiger_Goddess and what was 'so let's see mre of those stuffed toys and stuff' supposed to mean????? Helpee it's on my blog..., 17
Helpee Damn
Tiger_Goddess I always get 19 or 20
Anthony now you have a what yrold bf and you are in college? i know the answer because i snooped. . . er, read
Tiger_Goddess 16
Helpee You're not old enough to be a Tiger Goddess...I don't think. Maybe you should start out small...kitten perhaps. ah...maybe that's worse.
Tiger_Goddess I'm sick of older guys, no offense
Anthony none taken, yet
Tiger_Goddess ....I'm a goddess and will take no other title, darn princesses and such disgust me
Anthony i like the last one >> heh, http://thesaurus.reference.com/search?q=goddess
Helpee I think I like Siren better
Anthony like the Sirens in the, the, dang i can't remember. . . the odeysee???
Helpee well, I'm off to work again. see yas
Tiger_Goddess buh bye helpee, *hands sack lunch* now play nice at the office!
Anthony go get em tiger *slaps Helpee on the butt*
dolly hi
Anthony hello dolly
dolly somebody??
Anthony hello dolly
dolly wot r u talking abt? I mean any particular topic .. ?
Anthony *blinks*
dolly I m indian
Anthony more power to you
Tiger_Goddess lol
Anthony i don't know what to say to that . . . is there anything really good to say about that ? i didn't just want to sit there and the room was going quite
dolly I gtg bye all now
Anthony ok, see you later
Tiger_Goddess buh bye
Anthony um, anyone else on??
Tiger_Goddess me and that person who just disappeared into the broom closet! oh... no wait, that was just the janitor
Anthony *grabs my 'pistolero' and opens fire on janitor's closet* not anymore. oh i hope no one takes that pistolero reference wrong.
Tiger_Goddess hey hey! helpee paid good bucks for that janitor to come in and clean up your messes!
Anthony well . . . i don't see him cleaning my mess now! what good is he. I mean look at him *kicks janitor* he's laying down on the job. IN THE CLOSET!!
Tiger_Goddess I think he's got his own mess to worry about cleaning up...*kicks body back into closet, whisteling* I didn't see...a ...thing
Anthony here, hold this. *shoves gun in tigers hand*
Tiger_Goddess *punches Anthony flat across side of face, square in jaw* That is NOT my gun! *knees Anthony and tosses metal shrapnel upon listless body
Anthony *grabs face* i didn't say it was yours. I just wanted you to hold it while i took my gloves off. geez, women.
Tiger_Goddess 'night all
Anthony *grabs kneed spot on floor*
Tiger_Goddess lol, night


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Sunday, October 05, 2003
Assfull of Jelly (J. LO)

FEATURING: INSTIGATOR: Chloe INSTIGATOR: Anthony Also Featuring: hummus_freak andtoxicXcandy.

Chloe o boy lotsa loving going on in here tonight... well lack thereof... lots of love offering...
hummus_freak i'm almost 18... can you wait till nov. 12?
Chloe o man -sits back and watches the chatroom orgy unfold- *breaks out the digi cam*
Anthony you really should dispose of that body, Chloe
Chloe uh... what body?
Anthony the dead one you are sitting over
Chloe *kicks now decaying janitor under couch more* *watches as leg comes off*
hummus_freak maybe it's time i went and wrote another entry
Chloe *sprays lysol nonchalantly* *throws blanket over wiley leg*
Anthony *glues arm back on* arm=leg
Chloe so lets get the action started! lol anthony thanks forensics wont notice that at all
Anthony of course they won't notice. they'll never find it
Chloe they'll probably link it you and your uh.. model train fetish... bought with your credit card then i will be clear AT LAST! -dances about- *trips on leg* OOF o man. i thought you glued that together again anthony? men. can't do anything right.
Anthony *confounded* what model train fetish? that's Mivida's fetish. and yes i did do it right. but you have to let the glue set
Chloe didnt I ask you to fix that toaster last week? mhmm.... that DIDNT mean put a rubber band around it and rename it Sharon. o... well damnit its in the way!
Anthony leave sharon out of this. she never did anything to you. and i love her
Chloe *smacks anthony with vibrating feathery love wand* BASTARD! after all I did for you... working to put you through cosmetology school. then the striperella incident. i just cant take this anymore
Anthony no one keeps me warm like sharon does. well, except for Pandora
Chloe her too? Why do all the men i pilander with cheat on me?
Anthony because you don't keep up with us you disappear for weeks on end
hummus_freak --needs attention
Chloe am i not enough woman? *pinches waist* i should have gotten those butt implants like J Lo *shakes bony most un-J Lo butt on hummus*
toxicXcandy aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! ello fellow "peeps"!
Chloe ow. what is that in your pocket? *pulls out Sharon* see? she doesn't love you!
toxicXcandy lol i dont have quite as big as a bum as JLo but its big enough...wanna trade lol?
Chloe *removes ass that is attatched with velcro* OK!
toxicXcandy heehee! yaya *does same...velcro and all. hands to chloe* you can keep it!
Chloe *replaces bum with rum dingling shaking one*
toxicXcandy *shakes bony ass* o yea move it grove it baby
Chloe *scampers about shaking it like she's got it (which technically she does)*
hummus_freak yes! butt shakin! woo woo
toxicXcandy wow i have too much free time on my hands
Chloe Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got! *smacks ass* I'm still, I'm still *mumbles* from the block! you got a little... I got A LOT! *smack ass, shakes it up and down and around* woohoo! this is great! and i still fit into my juicy sweatpants! best present ever! i feel the need to walk like john travolta in saturday night fever. *STRUTS*
Anthony *smack Chloe's new butt. gets hand stuck in jelly* HELP!! IT'S EATING ME ALIVE!!! HELP!!!!!
hummus_freak "Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt It is so big She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends Who understands those rap guys They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute"
Chloe -you can tell by the way I use my walk.. I'm a woman's man, time's I've got- (so doesn't even know the words) it's like the blob! -chases anthony about with ass of jelly shaking goodness- *bounces up and down on butt like she's on a spring* (think tigger) *bounces so high that the spring gets caught in the ceiling fan, which then swings her out the window onto the sidewalk below"

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Anthony has a moment with himself.

Ah, this was back in the good ole days.  Back when Tiger_Goddess, SvNautilus301, Mivida, Chloe, and myself were regulars on the BD tagboard.  Enjoy

mivida good evening kiddos.
Nautilus #301 Evening mivida, whats up?
mivida same crap different day
Helpee Hey now yo Yo WaT uP maH pEePz
mivida west side my dog?
Nautilus #301 Ugh, dont get me started on crap mivida, lol...*way* too much going on right now...
Nautilus #301 Hey Helpee, how are ya tonight?
Anthony what's up Helpee. and mivida, don't you mean SSDD?
mivida lol. you can always talk to me on AIM if you need a set of ears. 
Helpee Rough crowd. I thought that was funny
mivida ya.  but i try to be family friendly here on the main site.  german oral and stuff.
Anthony heh. hey Helpee you want to know what's funny?
Nautilus #301 Thanks for the offer mivida, but the biggest problem with it is I can't get into it with anyone, other than those involved
mivida well d4vem00re anyway incase you ever change your mind. 
Anthony yeah, that oral stuff again . . . . thanks for reminding me mivida. speaking of which. everybody go read mivida and the oral thing on chatconfess
Helpee yep
Nautilus #301 Thanks mivida, gotcha added...I'm svNautilus301 if you want to add me
Anthony well helpee, the funny thing is the look on your virtual face when i tell you what i did in here yesterday.
mivida yes yes, and everyone see the new show "Anthony burning in hell" due to come out with in the next 60 years.
Anthony why wait, get the preview now!!
Anthony is Helpee checking yesterday's log already??
Anthony *taps finger on desk* tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap
Anthony did everyone all of a sudden die?
Nautilus #301 Im still here, just working on like 50 things at once
mivida im reading random blogs. why dont you start a blog anth, a real one. "This is the day in the life of Anth"
Anthony oh, yeha, i can see how that one is going to go. Dear Blog, today, my love life suffered. Also my boss told me i don't do anywork. One of my co-workers is really hot and she keeps looking at me ...
Nautilus #301 lol
Anthony .... my cat died. we got fish. the doctor told me i had a yeast infection. i'm so moody today. mivida tried to hit on me again. ewww. i'm broke. someone peed on my car and messed up the paint..
Anthony ... now i have to pay $500 dollars to get a new paint job for my car. i love music. i love tv. i love movies. i love anime. i love pron. all these bloggers are so fake .....
Anthony ...i ate a sandwich and found a roach in it. so i threw the sandwich away. [editor: did you keep the roach instead?] that Helpee Helperton is so dreamy and smart. I want to have his source codes.
Anthony the end.
Anthony should this go on chatconfess
Anthony hello?
Anthony dang i'm all alone again. well, i guess it's just me and you Naut. Naut? Hey Naut! you internet brainwashed!!!!
Dee interesting that one can say so much too oneself lmao
Nautilus #301 Sory Anth was talking to someone
Nautilus #301 sorry*
Anthony that's where i come up with my best ideas
mivida .......
mivida wow. anthony... dont start a blog.
Anthony don't apologize. i hoped that you wouldn't respond!
Anthony i have to link everyone to the reference i was making
Dee helpee has a sexy voice.. i think my ear quivered
Anthony ?
Dee ahhh if only...
mivida quivered... oohh... just hearing that word brings me to near orgasm like state.
mivida say it again! AGAIN YOU DIRTY PERSON.
Dee click on my name for a funny link anthony.. well in a hmorous way
Nautilus #301 oooo......k.........im gonna go and hang out in this corner....away from ya'll.....
mivida ahah. this coming from a man who's name is "Nauty 301"
mivida *COUGH*
Dee hahaha Miv.. if only you weren;t from Nc and... oh so young i'd stuff u down like a croc doin a roo
mivida I dont live in NC. And I'm not young!
Anthony that's my corner Naut!!
Dee Nauti is that your room number?
mivida I'm damn near 19.
Dee from from not live live
Dee oh my boo 19 is almost a relic
Nautilus #301 Dee, 301 is the submarine Nautilus's #
mivida Plus, north carolina means that im only 2x as secksi as anthony.
Nautilus #301 The sub's registered name is "Nautilus" and her registration number is "301"
Dee i wonder how many m n m's i can stuff in my mouth at once
Dee ahhh ok well thats kewl then Nauti
mivida *isnt even going to respond to Nautys reply* 
Dee I think anyones doubly sexier then anthony
Anthony you can never be as sexy as me
Dee pfft...you work in the dark dood ya gotta be unsexy
mivida HA!
Nautilus #301 Dee, if you want to see a pic of the Nautilus, its on the second page back in my blog, a little more than halfway down the page.
Anthony who says i work in the dark?
Anthony becareful. we don't know which "Nautilus" he's talking about.... j/k
Dee hey Naut i actually saved a squirrel last year... we released him into the wild 2 months ago... after all his rehad i cried LOL<<that squirrel banner on your page made me think of it boo hoo
Nautilus #301 Anthony...i have no idea what yer talking about, and...um...i'd rather not know 
mivida cough!
mivida i gots to run to the store.  if tiger comes on say hi for meh! 
Anthony ah, don't play innocent Naughty, i mean Naut
Dee so its a disney sub
Anthony no
Nautilus #301 Yes, Dee. lol, not a "real" sub
Dee bye miv..... umm don;t spend too much moolla
Dee ahhh ok, so u have a thing for fake stuff?
Anthony lol
Nautilus #301 I wouldnt say its fake.
Nautilus #301 It technically IS a submarine
Dee sniggers...
Nautilus #301 while its not in the traditional sense, the passengers are indeed submerged.
Dee ok so technically it functions like a submarine etc but its in reality just a disney play toy
Nautilus #301 Wouldnt say its a toy either. but yea i guess so.
Dee it looks cute.. reminds me of the beatles yellow submarine hehehe
Anthony hey, naut, i really, really want to take what you just said and go long with it, but out respect, i'm just going to stop with telling you that i wanted to do that
Nautilus #301 I should put up the current pic I have of them in storage...but I was asked not to...
Dee is it from a specific movie or something or just an attraction
Nautilus #301 Um...right on anthony....lol...
Anthony oh, and you're linking my site, so can't pick on you like i do mivida
Nautilus #301 Dee>> the idea came to Walt after making 20,000 leauges under the sea, and he went with a traditional sub idea instead of recreating the movie.
Nautilus #301 the movie's sub was later recreated in WDW, but they too are closed.
me hehehehe

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Mivida gets his groove thing on

Dee say what? i never saw a thing
Anthony ok, that's it. i quit
Dee oh your quittin again...
Anthony yeah, that's right. I QUIT
Anthony you can take this job and shove it down your stalkings
Dee wow.... i'm turned on now... stalkings and all
Anthony shoot me
Tiger Heeellllo!
Tiger ahh, much better
Tiger ahhh, I've got to add the new hideout linkt...
Someone else blink
Tiger hello Dee
Anthony huh
Tiger how are we all feeling my new layout?
Anthony pwass meh anohthar drenk well youa suwizzy
Anthony it's nice. just one or two more tweaks in the certain colorings and it will be great. but i'm sure i'm just looking too hard
mivida tiger!!
Anthony oops, nevermind, i see you changed the text color
Tiger lol, i'm too lazy to change the orange border, if that's one fo the things you're talkign about, and hello mivida
mivida ive missed ya
mivida lol.
Anthony i love that image of the ?faerie? in the salt shaker
mivida wow. i love the new thursday cd. 
Anthony ?
mivida ...
mivida nevermind.
mivida when was the last time we slept a normal 11-8 time slot?
Anthony ?
Anthony i'm staying out of that one mivida
Tiger ummmmm, fourth grade!!!! lol
mivida like, when was the last time we slept when everyone else was acutally sleeping?
mivida so where ya bene tiger? we all missed you.
mivida or at least i did. i couldn't live without your witty sarcasim.
Anthony mivida, you're just full of love, aren't you??
Tiger_Goddes ok, there...just updated my webcam pic, and I'm done tweaking for the night
mivida ahah. when it comes to tiger, its a never ending supply.
Anthony now when you say "tweaking" do you mean fixing, or do you mean freaking out?
Tiger_Goddes I've been working on my new blog layout and all that html junk
mivida dude... tiger's secksi.
Tiger_Goddes lol, freakign out????
mivida   r0ar
Tiger_Goddes ....?where'd that come from?
mivida tsk. anthony, i love you too always! jezz. hostile! *lisp*
mivida anth's jealous of you.
Tiger_Goddes hehe, i can't wait to get pics form this dance with my bf...haha, I'm going to have him drooling all night, he won't want to leave the house to go to the dance...hehe
mivida wow. make sure you send em this way. ocuh
Tiger_Goddes yes, where'd the secksi comment come from?
mivida lol.
mivida not a comment, it's a fact.
Tiger_Goddes lol, wow, you're working it Mivida, aren't you??? Tell me, is there any way I can help you 
mivida ya dump your boyfriend. common, i only live like a 9 hours drive from you!
Anthony oh, excuse me. i don't know what came over me. i'm all . . . all hot and bothered
Tiger_Goddes lol, well, should i ever turn up single, I'll be sure to give you a holla
mivida its so hard for me... being so far from anthony.
mivida you know.. the lonelyness.
Tiger_Goddes Anthony: ?
mivida anthony doesnt like to talk about it.
Tiger_Goddes lol, you two are nutters 
mivida eh! we learned from the best.
mivida tag me tiger! TAG ME!
Anthony by the way, check out chat confess in a few days, you'll see this there
Tiger_Goddes I don't think I can do TOO much more to my blog
mivida oh god, that sounded deliciously wrong.
Tiger_Goddes what?
Dee am i makin you horny (said in her best austin powers voice)
mivida no anth! dont blackmail us anymore. jezz
Tiger_Goddes lol, mmmmm, suckers, I was at the seven eleven the other day and they had flavorred wrappers for sale!
mivida the whole german oral thing ,seriously dude. that was mistake!
Dee notes the hint of desperation in Mivs posts.. Hey tiger hugzzzzzzzzz girl...
Tiger_Goddes Austin powers just turns me riiight off
Tiger_Goddes Hey Dee  Love your blog as always
Anthony it's not blackmail, i'm in it too. you see, i'm kind of running out of content, so like, i got have something to tide the masses over
mivida we need to get behind the real story of why nauty calls himself 301. 
Anthony er, i think i stopped recording to early tiger. what was that about flavored wrappers?? how many did you say you bought?
Dee awwwe come on tig that carpet hairy chest is a huge turnon.. i know you think hes sexy..
mivida LOL
Dee hey thanks and dun mind the tagboard comments on yours miv and anthongy made me do it
Dee they kidnapped my fingers and forced them into evil positions
Anthony no we didnt
Dee omg u did so.. and i still have a knot in my thumb
Dee co-erced i was...
Anthony it was all Helpee's idea!! yeah . . . *cowers in fear of a digital lightning strike*
mivida are you a puppet on a string, little girl?
Anthony oh yeah!?!?!? you liked it Dee!!!
mivida we didnt force you! free will an' all.
mivida dont we all remember that "puppet on a string" story in middle school about peer pressure?
mivida want me to rent it out for you, dee?
Dee i like everything... long as i have my protection i'm happy.. erp
Dee why does that read wrong.? ummm
mivida here, we'll use puppets for your sake.
mivida cause you wanted it to? 
Tiger_Goddes whoops, sorry had to check e-mail...I bougght a few dozen, never known when I'll have company to entertain 
Dee lol i'm a queer pressure queen oh wait.. you typed peer my boo
Anthony by the way, when this goes up, the title will be Instigators Gone Wild
Dee if they are anythinglike fraggle puppets i wanna be one/ dozers ruled
Dee ooooooooooo FLASH
mivida ill be looking forward to that day.. cough
Dee wheres my beads?
mivida ...
Dee starts singing... flash ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh saviour of the universe
Tiger_Goddes *tosses Dee her beads* here, i've got an excess...
Dee Flash ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh come save everyone of us..
mivida woah! a little too much info there dee.
Dee lol tig... i need enough to cover my freckle
Dee omg i said come not cum
Dee oh shup miv you confuffling me
Anthony FRAGGLE ROCK!!!!
mivida ....
mivida I loved Alf.
mivida whatever happened to Alf?
Dee OMG ANTHONY you love fraggle rock too din ya i bet you loved that redheaded one
Dee alf ate my pussy
Dee cat
Dee god...
Dee do do do do do do do do Flashhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dee musical interlude...
Anthony yeah!!! and alf too. he didn't eat my pussy
Anthony cat
mivida ... wow. this is too much for me.
mivida you all need help... from meh!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
It's all about ME!

Yes, that's right.  another post about ME!!  It's all about ME baby.  So.  Yeah.  Enjoy.

mivida hey anthony, I know you're here d00d.
Jack I feel the need .... so, almost perfect ... you a hot chick?
Almost Perfect Sorry, no hot chicks here...lol
arash update
Jack are you a chick?
mivida Jack, we all know you're teh sex god. its all good.
Jack good times indeed
Anthony Hola room
mivida GUTEN TAG
Anthony como esta?
mivida Jack, anthony is a good catch. You should definitely seduce him
mivida muy bein, y tu?
Anthony que?
Anthony asi asi
Anthony hey, anyone?
mivida asdf
Anthony jkl;
T!nK@ blah
Anthony dah
Room Sorry, I was the bathroom. Hello Anthony.
Anthony *blinking furiously* you WERE the bathroom??
Zombie Howdy all!
Anthony *bows to Zombie* good evening. right this way to your seat Miss
Anthony ALRIGHT!!! 6th conversation i've killed today! Yeah
Anthony Go me. Go me. Go me. Go me. It's your birthday. Oh yeah *does the white dance across the room*
Anthony Go, go, go, go, go. We're gonna party like it's your birthday cause we don't give a f*** cause it's your birthday
Anthony Oh yeha, oh yeah, alright. *starts doing the chicken* Who's your daddy? It's me. That's right. uh uh uhuh
Anthony *does the electric slide* i'm bringing it home baby!!
mivida oooooooooooh hell ya baby.
mivida let's go anthony
Anthony i bet the room want's some of this. Don't it? *starts slapping his butt*
Anthony that's some hot stuff *licks finger and touches butt acting like it's hott* ooo yeah.
Anthony *goes back to doing white guy dance*
Anthony *breaks into a little bit of the Generic Asian Man Jam*
mivida Zdravstvuite zombie
mivida jesus anthony
mivida ::injects with valium::
Anthony *has a seat and smoke bill clinton's special cigar*
Anthony *starts sing*
Anthony home, home on the range! where the deer and the antelope play. where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day
Anthony Left a good job in the city, Working for The Man every night and day, And I never lost one minute of sleeping, Worrying 'bout the way things might have been.
Anthony Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning, Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.
Anthony Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis, Pumped a lot of pain down in New Orleans, But I never saw the good side of the city, Until I hitched a ride on a river boat queen.
Anthony Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning, Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.
Anthony Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river If you come down to the river, Bet you gonna find some people who live. You don't have to worry cause you have no money, People on the river are happy to giv
Anthony Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning, Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.
Anthony Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river. Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river. Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.
Zombie I see I decided to pop back in at a REALLY bad time.
Zombie I'll be leaving again.
Anthony *in a drunken state* Nurse! why dun tya give tha purty ladddde a drank. it's on meh
Anthony heck, the hol hous is on meh. yeash *spills drink overheard*
Zombie Oh no. No drinking before bed for me. Makes for Brian Jones-esque accidents.
Anthony aawwwah commee on and share wa dwink wit meh. yeh.
mivida what are you drinking?
Zombie No thank you Captain Liquor Pants.
Zombie But that's OK, more for you. Right?
Anthony *begins to have a conversation with the drink* why dun ya tink she wunt ahve no drank wth meh? ya think its -hiccup- ya think its becaws ima the bestest guy aroun thes pawts?
Helpee Mmmm....Kefir
Anthony *wraps arm around mivida's neck* 'ey mister. why dun't you bye me another round?
Anthony -hiccup- HEL-burp-PEa
Anthony *stumbles over* hay. your a good man write. you're a good friend. buy meh another drink buddy
Anthony fer old thym sake
Helpee A luv ya man
Anthony wadda ya say?
Anthony -hiccup-
Anthony *throws up on Helpees' shoes*
Macho_butch Oh yea....
Anthony oh, sorry about that. lemme clean that up for ya *starts to wipe up vomit with bare hands*
Helpee I'm not good with drunks. I'm a bad drunk friend. *runs the other way*
mivida ::buys anthony a shot of absolute::
Anthony *stand back up placing hands on Helpee's arm* now how about that drink -hiccup- *pats Helpee's cheek*
mivida ::buys himself an odouls::
Anthony wha?? Helpee, whar ya goin? What about my drink?
mivida I bought you a drink, now sit down and shaddup.
mivida So, anthony... tell me about your bank account...
Anthony *sits back down at the bar by mivida and drapes arm around mivida, vomit still dripping off hand* you're mah buddie, right? *down drink* how bout anotha shot?
Helpee Make sure you got his keys
Anthony mah keys?? what fer/
Anthony i got my keys there right *searches pockets* i got my keys. there right *searches same pockets*
mivida ya.. im your friend..
mivida ive got something to tell you.
Anthony -burp- oh yeah. mah keys are right har *pulls them out of socks*
mivida im having an affair with your sister.
mivida You're not upset, are you?
Helpee Now you know why we can't give him a raise.
Anthony my sistar?? my sistar?? *gets up and knocks over stool in outrage* YOU'RE HAVEN AN AFFUR WIT MAH SISTAR? *stumbles around* NO ONE DOES that to mah sister and gats away with 'at. poot up yo dukes
mivida erg.. i was only kidding! ya... I WAS KIDDING!
mivida ::buys you another shot::
Anthony *swings at the ceiling lights* i got ya yo punk. quit runnen a way
Anthony a raise?? *stops swinging at the lights and looks over at a poll* a raise?? *walks over to the poll and starts to argue* why i've ne'er got no raise from yoo. i do more work around this place and
Helpee Kidding? I thought I just saw her passed out naked in the bedroom.
Anthony all yoou do si just stand there. ah meen look a tyou. you all scrawny. why don't you say anyting?? *knocks over poll* yer scare aren't you. ya that's right. i've worked my butt off aroun her and
mivida ....
mivida ::tackles helpee::
mivida anyway, let's sit down now anthony and just talk it all over.
Anthony you don't deswerve nuttin. NUTHIN i tells you. NUTHIn!!! you hear me?? *kicks poll* speak you scrawny theif!!
Anthony quite mivida. can't you see i'm haven a grown up convas-convot-canvor . . . i'm talkin 'ere
Anthony *goes back to arguing to the poll on the floor*
..::Lucifer::.. *peeps round da corner* *yells: just wanted to tell ya'll i moved my blog!! im sick of a certain person's friends abusing me* the new blog can b found at lucifer666.blogdrive.com
Helpee Anthony's drunk
mivida hey, anthony. who has the money? Eh? I do. who can buy you more alcohol? eh? i can. Now sit your ass down and lets talk it over before helpee kills you.
Anthony DRUNK?? i'm na drunk. i can -hiccup- hold my own *chucks* liquer. ima man ... *passes out and falls to the floor*
mivida ::drags anthony's body up to my apartment and lays him on the couch::
mivida ::wonders where my black perm. marker is::
mivida ::decides not to even try, i dont want to wake up with a knife stuck through my heart::
mivida Im heading to bed. buenos noches amigos.
Helpee Well then I guess we'll just leave his hand hanging in a pan of warm water. 

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